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Missing Sound(s) Fix

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Hey! This is a sounds fix for Black Ops 3 Mod Tools, fixing every missing sound.
Please let me know if there's anything missing, I'll be sure to update it in the future.

This isn't necessarily just missing sounds, but it fixes the following:

Perks has sounds, Ray Gun Mark 3 now has sounds, PPSH now has firing sounds, Gravity Spikes now have sounds, Annihilator now has sounds, Rocket Shield now has sounds, Buildable now has sounds and the Box now has proper sounds as the default ones are incredibly quiet.

Instructions: (these are also included in the download link)

1. Extract all content inside of the .zip into your Black Ops 3 Root
2. Include the following line in your .scz file, located at Black Ops 3 Root\usermaps\YOURMAP\sound\zoneconfig

"Type" : "ALIAS",
"Name" : "zmb_sound_fixes",
"Filename" : "zmb_sound_fixes.csv",
"Specs" : [ ]

3. That's it! If you want to include the Annihilator and Ragnarok DG-4 in your map, do the following:
- Copy the zm_levelcommon_weapons, located in Black Ops 3 Root\share\raw\gamedata\weapons\zm
- Go to your map again, located at Black Ops 3 Root\usermaps\YOURMAP
- Make folders in the following order:
  • Create a gamedata folder
  • Inside of gamedata, create a weapons folder
  • Inside of weapons, create a zm folder
  • Once done, paste the zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv inside of the zm folder located inside of your map folder.
  • To make sure the game reads your zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv inside of your map folder, go to your .zone file
  • Your zone file is located in Black Ops 3\root\YOURMAP\zone_source, add the following line to it:


- Before we start, be sure to remove the already existing hero_gravityspikes_melee line in your .csv!
- Add the following 2 lines to your zm_levelcommon_weapons.csv


- Now everything is done!

Download Link


Scobalula: HydraX & Greyhound
Madgaz: Testing

Harry Bo21: Giving me certain sounds I couldn't find.


totally not just now not installing this i mean c'mon what kind of idiot hasn't installed this i'd sure hate to be him


cant get it to work added everything no sound


cant get it to work added everything no sound

what did you put in your scz?