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AimPoint Attachment - Weapon

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Khel Mho:

Hello everyone. First of all, thanks to DamianoTBM for doing this Setup ❤
Also thanks to Garrett for suggesting this remake model idea.
And thanks to Killer Potato for sending me the base model.
This is a remake model I made from Call of Duty: Black Ops.
If you somehow used this, please give credits to us :)
Killer Potato
Khel Mho

NOTE: There's a README in the folder once you dowloaded the file.

AimPoint Attachment
Download Link

[IMG width="512px"][/IMG][IMG width="512px"][/IMG]

Preview in game by DamianoTBM

[IMG width="1024px"][/IMG]

Showcase by DamianoTBM

[IMG width="560px"][/IMG]