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How Can I Rig a Model?

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Hi, I am still a bit new to Mod Tools, but have been having lots of fun learning and working on my map :D.

I'd like to replace default zombie models with a custom model. So far, I have been able to export my model (from .obj) into an xmodel and imported into a custom GDT in APE. I have this model applied as the zombie spawner, but the model is very small, laying down horizontally, and stuck in a t pose.

To address the first two issues, I'm guessing I can just rescale and rotate my model in Maya. How can I rig my model? I tried quick rig, but I didn't change anything. I also read something about a zombie skeleton, but I'm unsure exactly how to get one or what to do with it, if that's what I need.

Thank you!



Wow, that's a thurough video. Looks like it covers what I need. I'm going to try it later today.

Thank you a ton, very helpful video :D .