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Ammo Cache Script

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Made this script last year and while playing Cold War Zombies found the exact same feature so thought I'd release it. Pricing can be edited to your liking. Cold War has it at 250 for standard and 1000 for upgraded. That's far too cheap. This script is set at 1500 standard and 5000 upgraded. Script is setup so you can have as many ammo caches as you want in the map.
Place the script in your scripts\zm folder for your map.
In your mapname.gsc add

#using scripts\zm\zm_ammo_buy;
and then in mapname.gsc main function add
In your map's zone file add
In Radiant add a trigger_use with the targetname "ammo_buy" where ever you want an ammo cache to be. There can be as many triggers as you want with the same targetname.
To change the pricing just edit the 1500 and 5000 values in the if statements and change the hintstring values to match.


btw in zm_ammo_buy.gsc
you can add

player setWeaponAmmoClip(weapon, 999);

underneath both of the

player setWeaponAmmoStock(weapon, 999);

and it will fill the clip too