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First of all, big shoutout to all of the people that helped make this possible. This wouldn't be here without all of them, so thank you to everyone credited in the perk's .gsc file.

Hello, and thanks for checking out my first perk.

You're probably asking yourself what this perk does, I've surely gotten that question every time I've brought it up. Basically it makes the player invisible to zombies for a couple seconds. This effect is triggered by getting hit by a zombie. Once the effect is over it needs to recharge. This is done in 2 stages. The first is a basic timed cooldown and the second stage is done by killing zombies. There are sound cues that tell the player when the effect is triggered (as well as the visual cues), when the time cooldown starts (this is also when the effect ends) and when the time cooldown ends. There is an on-screen visual aid that shows the player when they have gotten the required amount of kills to complete stage 2 of the recharge (it is in the top right corner, this emblem also turns a blue color when the perk effect is active as well as a screen overlay indicating the same).
When the player does not have juggernog, it takes 1 hit to trigger the effect, but 2 when they do have juggernog. The perk's effect cannot be triggered when the player has Widow's Wine grenades. It also cannot be triggered when there are less than a certain amount of zombies left in the round.

This perk has a ton of customization and can be altered easily, at least the numerical values that control the perk's effects. Just take a quick look at the .gsh and you'll see a ton of things that can be changed!
(NOTE: if you want to alter the amount of kills required to complete the second stage of cooldown you will also need to edit the .lua file otherwise the on-screen emblem will break, just message me if you need help with this)

I am preparing a second version of this already, and that version will have a brand new jingle and sting with lyrics. I may also change some other stuff, such as default values, based on community feedback.

For now though, I am using a beat from Prod. Riddiman entitled "Solitude". A quick search on YouTube can get you to the song and I would highly recommend you check him out.

It has come to my attention that there is a slight issue with the LUA things, so if you are using the included HUD you will need to add these two lines to your


I'm sure some of you have skipped that whole block of text, so here is version 1.0 of the perk.

Scary Branden:

*skips that whole block of text* wow you know people too well