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Matryoshka Doll Grenades from Ascension

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These are the Matryoshka Dolls from Bo3's remaster of Ascension

This uses "Raw Anims" exported with HydraX, so you'll need to install Scobalula's Linker Patch



Treyarch/Activison: For making original assets and scripts
Scobalula: For making Greyhound, Cerberus, and HydraX
Ihmiskeho: Scripting Help
Gtlad: Scripting Help


If anyone has error's please tell me and I will try and fix it

fyi, if your having problems its probably related to something in your gsc. because they work fine for others that have done it correctly

Discord: Garrett#1215


if you have a issue with the linker situation you can join scobs server and ask there for some help