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Weird red reflections appearing throughout map

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For some odd reason, my map has these weird red reflections appearing on various surfaces, and since I'm relatively new to mapping, I don't really have any clue to fix these. These reflections appear both in Radiant and in gameplay, and I've tried playing around with both my lighting and reflection probe settings, but none of these settings seem to fix this problem.

Here's how they look in Radiant:

And here's how they look in-game:

If anybody could help me out on this, that would be much appreciated.


Is it probed and lit ?


ya what rage said.
place a reflection probe in the middle of the room from the entity browser and stretch it like a brush to the edges touch the walls. You can also select the probe and (i think) alt+click the walls to make the probe snap to them.
Then build lighting again (click lightning bolt) and compile lights in the launcher