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Custom powerup sounds (bo3, nsz, zoekmemaar, symbo)

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Hey guys,

I've decided to release my announcer sound pack!

My sounds have been in Killjoy's killhouse / blockbuster map. these sounds will get added if/when he makes his powerups public.

Lmk if i missed something :)



I followed the instructions and my powerups now have no sound? Any help please?


[USER=3728]@bubba443[/USER] thats weird. check the build log for errors. i think it should load default sounds though if i messed something up.

also my discord is Koenttje#8490 if you need faster response

EDIT: i checked my instructions and sound assets. it should work fine.


I tried adding you on discord and that name doesn't seem to work. Can you try adding ImTwisted#6049?

Also, I can hear the loop_00.wav playing, but the powerup sounds don't seem to be playing

I have tried about 5 different powerup mods and nothing works. It for sure on my end. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it.