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trying to add zombies that throws his guts

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Hello there, I am working on something great
im trying to get my zombies to rip their guts out and throw it at the player
if hes in a spot for too long or ontop of railing that they shouldn't be
im sure this is a animation thing or just a setting in ape i can do to my zombie
would really love some help..
idk :(
if some one knows where i could find the cold war zombie prefab
or (I Know this is a anim but)
Just a zombie that rips his guts out and throws it at you when your in "glitch" spot
If no one knows anything or has a idea, its no problem
i will just work around it and clip the eff out of everything

I would port the anim in myself if i had coldwar (then i could just add it to the list of anims to use in ape)
I cant even see if this would work, if only i had the game :(
sadly i only own coldwar for my console