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No Powerup Sounds?

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I am trying to add custom powerup sounds. I have tried dozens of announcer mods, but none of them seem to work. Every time I get a powerup I get no audio!


I can try to help you,
To add a sound you have to create a csv or just put your sound in the user_aliases.csv , now u can call it in the function of your new powerup


The instructions told me to copy/paste some sound lines in the user_aliases.csv, and then drag the files to my root folder. I did all of that and the powerups have no audio. I have my custom round sounds through my user_aliases.csv. Those work, but I have tried dozens of powerup/announcer mods and none of them seem to work. Zero sound when I pickup powerups. Can you add me on discord @ImTwisted#6049 and help me figure this out please?


Nvm I realized I had an unrelated error that prevented my user_aliases.csv from working. Fixed it and now its updated/working!