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How do I make a custom glass?

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Basically I am using a minecraft glass texture. When I convert it into a tif and add it to APE, I keep seeing the black and white transparent squares (rather than being see through). Any idea what I am doing wrong?


post pics of ape ffs


a good thing to do is to apply a working glass texture in radiant, one that has the properties you want in your custom glass. Right click the material, Open in APE. make a note of the properties. When setting up your custom glass, use the same settings.

Pro tip: Holding ctrl or shift (idk which one, it is muscle memory for me) you can select both materials in ape. it will open a comparison tool and you can press the transfer buttons to copy the value from one asset to the other, very handy to spot differences!


I ended up getting it to work. Thanks very much!