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Defender Mode

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An alternative to the overused soul boxes. A random defense location is chosen. The players start the location and all zombies are attracted to the location. Each location must be defended for a random time and each location has a random health. Extra zombies will spawn in waves during the time. Map makers may also choose for dogs to spawn at each defense and after a specified amount of successful defends higher health zombies can be spawned as mini bosses. After a specified amount of successful defends a buyable ending will be unlocked. The script has been made as easy to setup as possible and has been made highly customizable with the mapper being able to choose if dogs are used, bosses are used, when bosses spawn, if buyable ending price is random or set at your own price, randomize how many successful defenses before buyable ending is unlocked, randomize or have set health of each location, randomize or have set time at each location, disable or leave death machine powerup enabled, location marked by model or fx or both, can add as many locations as wanted, zombie health, dog health, boss health. You can really tailor the script to fit your map and level of difficulty you want.

Download here:

All instructions are in the script itself. I'll try to answer any questions on this thread, but I'm a busy person and may not get around to it.

Example of the mode as was used for testing for You Always Win maps

[ Edicius ]:

Oooo this sounds very interesting... does it supports napalm zombies and Kingslayer Kyle's WW2 pest zombies?


It is not setup for those enemy types. You should be able to add them fairly easily if you already have them working.

[ Edicius ]:

Cool I'll take a look at that, thanks man 😄