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Legion (Apex Legends Tool) - Is there a problem with POV (viewmodel) animations or am i doing wrong ?

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Hey there.

I'm currently working with Legion for a personal project.
While i saw multiple tutorials on the web talking about animations in Apex and all,
i could'nt see anything about what's specific about POV animations

(In files, POV animations and models are the ones being used in first person, an other word for viewmodels and animations)

But i ran into problems, as some animations seems to be accurate with what we have in-game and some are not.

As you can see this reload_seq_0 (reload full sequence) animation seems to work well.
To the left, the cam is placed like in-game. everything is accurate whith what we have ingame

But, here we get fire1 animation

I don't know what is happening here. The animation looks broken.
The gun is in the character belly (not even in the camera field). The arms are doing a "surfing" pose. Obviously, this is not what we have in-game.

However, the animation movement feels like an ingame fire, it's just that the pose is absolutely wrong

The problem is that half of Pov anims have this kind of problem, and i cannot know what is happening here.
Again, nothing on the net, and no tool extended docs, so i can't test so much things about extraction.
I could be using Blender wrongly too.

I have multiple hypothesis but nothing too solid.

Do someone have any clue of what is going ? Or have any hint about how to get anims looks like the ingame ones ? i have some hypothesis, but nothing too solid.
Thanks in advance


Blender does not support additive animations: