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The challenges I've used in my maps for years are now available to download for use in your own maps. After each challenge is completed by 1 player in the game it unlocks a perk for purchase for all players. Once all challenges have been completed it will unlock a buyable ending. If you'd like a different ending than a buyable ending you will need to script it yourself. The buyable ending supports a random price or you can set your own price.
If you do not want the ending of your map to be controlled by the challenges and just want the challenges to unlock more perks then comment these lines in zm_challenges.gsc

ending = getent("buyable_ending", "targetname");
    ending thread buyable_ending();
Download here:

Add a trigger_use in your map for each challenge with the targetnames of...
These triggers are your challenge triggers in the map where players will purchase the perk once the challenge is complete.
Add a trigger use with the targetname of buyable_ending for the buyable ending once all challenges are complete.
In zm_challenges.gsc search for the word "custom" for stuff that should be edited to your liking.