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Instant crash at black screen when trying to load into map

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Heya, first time posting here so apologies for any formatting mistakes.

I've recently been developing a map and haven't had many issues with crashes, but recently I cannot load into my map at all. Not sure if something I've added is breaking it, but it compiles and links with no errors in the editor. However as soon as I try to run it in game or through the editor, the game closes with no error message at the black screen. I've already tried reverting some of the thing I changed since it last ran, however at this point I'm removing things that were working in my map prior to the latest changes. I'm really lost here and would appreciate any help. Thanks.


Whenever i have this problem it's because there is a wallbuy for a weapon that's not added / added properly. So maybe start by removing all wallbuys and misc stuff like that.