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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Characters
Ported to Black Ops 3 by Garrett

(replaces nikolai "this can be changed, check extra info")

nothing to see

1. Drag and drop files into Black Ops 3 root.
2. Navigate to zone_source\all\assetlist\core_common.csv.
3. Find values that start with "uie_t7_zm_hud_score_" "c_zom_der_" and comment it out (put a // infront of the values).
4. Navigate to your zone and put the stuff you commented out in your zone like this: Example.
5. Link and Test it out.

Extra Information
If you wanna change what character replaces the Primis characters, just change the name of the model in APE to the character you want it to replace.

• If the model doesn't already replace a character just open APE, search for the models. Right click on the model, find and click "Derive" then name it to the model you wanna override.

Possible Errors
If you are missing images in the GDT, just drag and drop all images from the images folder (model_export\garrett\t9_characters\character\c_t9_example\_images) on-top of the GDT in APE.

• Scobalula
• ThomasCat
• Blak
• NatoriousB
• The Stig
• Treyarch/Raven/Activision


More to come <3


okay tghanke3


okay tghanke3