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Things that can be found in this folder:
COD2 - Weapons sounds, music, and map source (snatch it up fast as who knows if Activision will ever catch on to this link).
COD4 - Weapon sounds and some weapon ports that can also be used in World at War.
WaW - COD Ghosts Alien models for dogs, my entire map source including scripts, all my released maps and mods since 2012 including my first 2 maps that weren't so great and the links have been broken for years, and some random tutorials I had saved as text files for my own reference.
BO1 - Zombies Gun Game mod, Zombies One in the Chamber mod, and Trench Defense Zombies map for BO1.
BO3 - All scripts I've released for zombies, Calumpit Chaos Map Source for anyone that would like to make it into a multiplayer map, and the map source for 4 unfinished map remasters including SOG, Wolf River, COD2 Leningrad, and nazi_zombie_subway. If you use any of those map sources please mention me on Twitter or something. I'd like to see the results.

I am deleting my mod tools and have no idea if I will ever get back to modding, so I am releasing a good amount of my assets for the community to use. It's been great for the most part the last 9 years of modding but I just don't have the time for it anymore and I've decided to spend what little free time I get with other interests. I will likely still be around playing custom maps every once in awhile, but without the tools installed I likely won't be able to lend much support for any issues with the assets I've released. Hopefully they can be used by someone to bring more quality content to the game. Thanks to all those who have played over the years and helped me in modding.


Been a real good ride man