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Improved BO3 Ray Gun (Fixed)

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Thread Change Log
- Fixed the Ray Gun. It was missing the GDT for the effects and I didn't realise
- Released the Improved BO3 Ray Gun

Improved BO3 Ray Gun - V1.1 - Download

-Added Jump, Fall, Walk and Slide animations (Don't know why it doesn't have them already)
-Changed the reticle back to red instead of the ugly white
-Fixed the view model position, being so close to camera
-Fixed the alignment of the aim down sights as Treyarch horribly misaligned it
-Changed the effects back to how they were in preview COD's, using BO2 as the source as BO3's Ray Gun effects are awful
-Doubled the damage to compensate for the balance change, with Double Tap II and Alternate Ammo Type's being added which made the BO3 Ray Gun useless

- For all his tools like always
M5_Prodigy - For testing it
Treyarch - For the good classic Ray Gun and the shit BO3 Ray Gun


not the hero we wanted, but the one we needed!


Gonna get slammed by the classic splash damage

[ Edicius ]: