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Hi guys ,
I would like to share my progress on the boss and that's all :)
I will add some zombies and margwa/mechz maybe on the second phase :unsure: .


Pretty interesting! Will the boss always hit the player? It seems like you weren't able to dodge any of its "acid" shots. I know you weren't trying to dodge but, even when you weren't standing still, you were constantly getting nailed.
The blasting the shield section reminded me of spaceland and the ufo haha
I'd raise the boss a tad, if possible. His arms clip through the ground a lot.


The mechanic is that we are always taking damages but we just have to see our shield melee : when he is more than 0 we take 40 damages melee and 10 damages by range , when the shield is 0 we take 200 damages in melee and 1 in range :)