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Making BO1 Hud

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I've been trying to make a custom Black Ops 1 Hud but I don't know how to code it, if anyone can show me how to make one or make one themselves it would be appreciated

The link is for a PSD file of what it would look like

Edit: Sorry for posting in the radiant forum I'm new to the site


I didn't download the file, but are you trying to make a bo1 style hud in bo3? Or a custom hud in bo1?
If you are tyring to do it for bo3, you could try this tutorial.

This is probably not the "best " way to do it, but it should work.
Edit, I should add, i THINK(not for sure because I'm pretty clueless when it comes to LUA) all huds are done in LUA now. So if you want to do a full custom hud, you'll probably need to learn LUA.