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First of all, big shoutout to all of the people that helped make this possible. This wouldn't be here without all of them, so thank you to everyone credited in the perk's .gsc file.

Hello, and thanks for checking out my second perk.

You're probably asking yourself what this perk does. When the player presses the action slot 4 button (one of the d-pad buttons on controller), they activate "Brawlstar Mode".

While in Brawlstar Mode:

  • You draw all zombie attention away from the other players to yourself
  • You cannot take melee damage from zombies
  • Your weapon is taken and you are given fists that have a variety of effects, mainly dealing a lot of damage
  • When a zombie melees you the Burned Out gobblegum effect triggers, with a customizable shorter range
You can choose to have a cooldown on the effect or once the effect is over the perk gets removed from the player and they can only buy the perk a set amount of times. This is done through the gsh.

This perk has a ton of customization and can be altered easily, at least the numerical values that control the perk's effects. Just take a quick look at the .gsh and you'll see a ton of things that can be changed!

I think I may change the perk shader so let me know if you don't like it.

For the jingle, I am using a beat from Prod. Riddiman entitled "Malevolent". A quick search on YouTube can get you to the song and I would highly recommend you check him out.

I'm sure some of you have skipped that whole block of text, so here is version 1.1 of the perk.
Brawlstar Punch v1.1


One of the fx might not play, let me know if the blowback fx is borked


Nice release, bo3 needs more custom perks like that :v

edit: i'll use it in my map :v


i love when people make custom perks, please make more!


Missing a xmodel, Missing GDT Materials Etc


Gotta fix a couple things in the gdt and I want to change up the script a little bit. The script will still function the same as it did before this post but I will be adding another option so that you can choose whether or not the perk gets taken away (if it isn't taken away there will be a cooldown on the effect). If you downloaded the perk before this comment you'll need to redownload it after I update it. The update should be done within the next hour.

Edit: took a bit longer than expected because the script was acting weird. Everything should be good now so have at it guys :D