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Sun not building correctly

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Hello all, new to moding and i'm working on building out a map in BO3.

I have a sun volume that covers the entire map. Just a basic "day" one as I build and figure things out. Its been working great, but I just did a test built to test a feature, and now my lighting is all screwed up. If I hit the lightning bolt to rebuild, for a brief second it lights everything like it was, and then it goes really dark and I have no idea why. Iv deleted the sun, re added it, rebooted radiant, etc, and still nothing. The only thing I see is at the bottom of the game view, it says "Sun low quality. No sun influencers" but I honestly don't remember if it was there when it working. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached a picture of what it looks like now, and what it looked like previously.

Side note, note sure if its related by the buy door I created that was working perfectly has stopped working too. Not sure if they are related, but it seems odd that all this stuff stopped working at once.