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This simple zombies template is for the newer people starting in the mod tools.
L3AK Mod is needed for this template to work (L3AKMOD)
if there are any issues or bugs please report them ASAP

-LUA HUD (default factory HUD)
-Perk sounds fix
-Player voices (voxes) added
-Mystery Boxes
-Dogs added/ fix (option to disable/ enable dogs)
-Changeable PaP Camo
-Changeable Starting weapon
-Changeable Player health
-Changeable Death machine
-Changeable Perk limit
-Changeable Starting points
-Changeable Zombie speed/ Health
-Dev commands
-Perk shaders
-Powerlag fix (no lag when power is turned on)
-Bo4 max ammo

10/31/2021 - v1.1 Initial release (happy Halloween)
11/2/2021 - v1.2 Added missing scripts (my fault lol)
11/5/2021 - v1.3 Replaced Robits shaders with Humphreys


-Debino -- Making the template (no need to give me credit)
-HarryBo21 -- Perk Sounds, Mystery Boxes, Player Vox, etc
-Devraw Team -- Dog Prefab, Enable/ Disable Dogs, Pap Camo, Starting Weapon, Powerlag Fix, etc
-RudySPG -- Perk Lights
-Humphrey -- Perk Shaders
-Crazydude55 -- Player Health
-Sphynx's -- Console Commands

Bubbly Download

Blutig Download


-Added Blutig and Bubbly perk shader (11/18/2021)