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No textures in radiant?

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Thread By: Sylvacre
I've been having issues with my mod tools which, along with Black Ops 3, are installed on an external hard drive. Now, the mod tools load up fine, and find all my mods. However, going into Radiant I don't have any textures at all, despite the fact I have them in APE and I have all the models from the game in Radiant. Also, I am able to see all the models and textures in 3D view when I load the map in radiant, it's just that the textures don't appear in the textures window. I simply get :

gdtDB: updating

processed (0 GDTs) (0 assets) in 67.969 sec

gdtDB: successfully updated database.

and then I have no textures in Radiant. I have tried verifying the integrity of both Black ops 3 and the mod tools.
I am also having trouble building my maps but that may be a separate issue.
Thanks in advance for any help!