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[HELP] Non-Buildable shield

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Thread By: _Mr. Unp3rf3ct
What KVP do I have to give a trigger, so i can pick up the shield.

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
(You will be credited if I get around to release my map)


Reply By: D-2-K
dude visit Uptownpapi's youtube here is a link to the shield video shows you how to do it as well as gives you all the prefabs to do it

have fun modding :)

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<strong>i also miss read your topic sorry </strong>

<strong>goto Craftdanimations prefab wall buys for most black ops 3 weapons the shield is there as a wall buy you could just change the prefab to show the view model as a whole to be picked up just change the value to 0 instead of 500 </strong>


Reply By: _Mr. Unp3rf3ct
Thanks dude. I figured this out after I made this topic yesterday, but thanks for replying. It might be useful for other people.

PS: I came up with the same solution you suggested