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Map broke without reason

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Thread By: soul-toktzt
My maps are divided in prefabs, i tried making a new map and then saving over with scripts, without scripts, i tried making a new map and only adding 1 prefab, nothing works and i don't get an error.
(The prefabs i added used to work before, didn't add any models).

Anyone knows a last-resort solution?

Edit: sorry for not enough information:

With "nothing works" i mean that i tried placing different sections of my map in a new map and it never gives me an error that gives problems.
When i tick run and and build, the Bo3 game window appears, steam square in the top right corner appears and goes away, the FPS is hopping between 40 and 70. Then for a split second another window (i assume a cmd launcher) and both of them close without error.


Reply By: mathfag
Maybe you have duplicate spawners (zombie in the sky). It's hard to say when I don't know what "nothing works" means. Post a video or something