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Thread By: sethizftw
So I have been having this issue for way too long and I cannot fix it for the life of it. The number of times I have scrapped This room and rebuilt due to issues is ridiculous. Anyways this is the problem.

<strong>Problem:</strong> I make the brushes needed and then rotate them to match the rotation of the wall. After working on this for awhile I save and exit radiant. The very next time I go on radiant it screws up all the brushes that were rotated. I have tried 2 different ways to rotate it like the "Independent Arbitrary Rotate Tool", manually rotating it in the viewer and rotating it in the grid. I use a mixture of the 3 and have tried to save it different ways.

<strong>Here's a video on Google drive to demonstrate on what is going on: </strong>


Reply By: Stonermagoo420
i have had this problem happen to me as well when ever you rotate the brushes make sure you have operations open and that the rotation is going through. you can also try adding a model relative to the size you want, rotate it to what you need, then generate a clip around it and it should work. if theres anything i missed lmk and if this dosnt work then try