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i forget how to get around this with a duel monitor setup

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Thread By: Stonermagoo420
I havn't yet figured out why this happens. when i set up my 2nd monitor it always seems to do so, but i dont remember what i did last time to fix this and have no idea on how to, any help would be greaty appreciated
heres the problem
srry disregard this post i fixed it my graphics card in the back was out of place..


Reply By: PlutoBro
I actually used to get this error, never could compile the map without this error until I upgraded my Graphics Card.

What are your PC specs?
Perhaps reinstall graphics drivers? All I can suggest :)


Reply By: Stonermagoo420
64 bit windows, core intel 2.90GHz cpu processor, with a NVDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics adapter.. but like i said all it was was my hdmi cord was in wrong slot and graphics card was loss all good now thanks though :)