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My map is acting rarely

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Thread By: hubigygjjik

Hey whatsapp, i've been creating a map with the name zm_Prototype a long time ago. When Treyarch realased the chronicles update I noticed that I couldn't open my map because the name zm_prototype was already in use for natch der untoten. When i realised that I started changeing every file from zm_Prototype to zm_DerMaisten. When I finished doing that I noticed that my map was a little rare. Its like there are no models or something like that.

Here are the pics:

When I link my map the only ¨error¨ is this one. But idk how to fix it, Any Help??

Linking "zm_DerMaisten" (usermaps\zm_DerMaisten stable 2773127 v593): 

^1Could not find map_source for


^3Found 100 bad bulletmeshes, dumped to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\/usermaps\zm_DerMaisten/zone_source/all/assetinfo/zm_DerMaisten_bulletreport.csv file.
Sorry about my english im argentinian :)
Any Help? And Thank you.