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Thread By: Psh
The foliage placer is one of the most overpowered tools you have in Radiant, but it's a long forgotten tool that many of the newer mapper have no idea exists.

The command to use the placer is <strong>CTRL+ALT+LEFTCLICK</strong> with <strong>only "one"</strong> model/prefab/any non-brush entity selected. This will place the object's origin to where you clicked, and depending if on which options you have selected effect the object.
*This tool does indeed work for most things outside of models, but it uses the origin of the entity, so if you have a prefab that isn't centered, you'll have prefabs miles away from the origin.

1. The three options <em>squared</em> are all the options used in the foliage placer.

1a. Plant models and apply random scale and rotation: (First to the left) This first tool is self explanatory, this is generally used for foliage and rocks as you get a natural feel when everything isn't facing the same way. I typically disable this tool when using it for anything other than the latter, such as placing prefabs and using larger grass models.

1b. Orient Dropped Selection to Floor: (Second from the left) Drops any entity to it's origin within about 64 to the ground. This will put all models and all centered prefabs at the same level with the floor beneath it. Pretty much keep this on all the time unless for some reason you want floating models.

1c. Override Drop Height to Zero: (Third from the left) Combine this with 1b to have the objects drop directly to the floor. This tool goes hand-in-hand with 1b and should both be activated at all times.

Example: Most of this areas models were spammed using the foliage placer.


Reply By: Abnormal202
Damn, wish I had known how to use this earlier. Radiant is such a powerful program, I'm sure there are many other features that have gone right over my head that could help too. I appreciate little tutorials/explanations like these


Reply By: Ping998
You sir, are getting a win! Thank you for posting! :)