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Testing killstreaks

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Thread By: gunrock12
Is there any way to test out my killstreaks by through console or i just gotta kill bots untill
i build up points. i wanna test out my mothership killstreak pathfinding structs quickly without having to killbots
all day to build them up.


Reply By: mathfag
This is what makecents launcher says:


/give rcbomb
/give uav
/give missile_drone
/give counteruav
/give supply_drop
/give microwave_turret
/give remote_missile
/give planemortar
/give m32
/give auto_turret
/give minigun
/give qrdrone
/give ai_tank_drop
/give helicopter_comlink
/give satellite
/give helicopter_guard
/give straferun
/give emp
/give remote_mortar
/give helicopter_player_gunner
/give dogs
/give missile_swarm
/give helicopter_player_firstperson
/give raps
/give drone_strike
/give dart
/give sentinel
/give combat_robot
never tried it so idk

if that doesnt work you can always set the streak multiplier in the menu so you only need to kill like 5 bots


Reply By: gunrock12
Thank you will try it.