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Rendering distance?

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Thread By: kingkenny

I have a problem in all of my maps. Many models have the problem that over long distance they won't render properly or will disappear.

I'm pretty sure this problem is easy to solve but i wasn't able to find out how.

How can i solve this? If you don't understand i can make a video of what i mean.

Thank you!


Render distance is affected by a lot of things in black ops 3. The model detail in the games settings affects models and at what distance they disappear. Resolution also for some reason affects render distance for some models i believe so make sure you have model detail on high as that is what most people will play on and it may also fix the issue. Models disappear to save performance usually as most people wont notice smaller models popping in and out however if the model is large or quite important to the map i can see why this could be annoying if it just all of a sudden disappears.

In Radiant select the model and tick the NoPolyReduction option. This might fix it i'm not sure but i think it will prevent the model from losing detail at longer distances and may stop it from disappearing however i don't really know a lot about this. Ive never experienced an issue like this before so a video would help.